The Clip: August 26, 2015

It’s almost September and you fiber folks know what that means: the time of Christmas knitting is nearly upon us! Do you know what you’re going to knit for everyone yet?! I certainly don’t. I’d love to hear your ideas and plans in the comments, especially if you have links to patterns.

Ethiopian Medicinal Plants Kill Sheep Parasite Eggs
Parasites cause problems for sheep all over the world, compromising sheep health and reducing wool growth by 10-50%. This is why it’s great news that at high concentrations, some Ethiopian plant extracts managed to inhibit hatching of some parasite eggs by 100 per cent. Adenia species and Cissus ruspolii plants performed the best and will be studied further.

Addicted to Sheep Film
I’m sure you’re stunned to hear that I cannot wait to see this film in its entirety. Addicted to Sheep follows two tenant farmers in the North Pennines for one year, as they try to breed the perfect sheep. The film appears to be as much about the landscape and the farmers’ lives as it is about the sheep.

Weaving Spanish Moss
A friend shared a story about a woman in Florida who weaves Confederacy-era blankets from Spanish Moss. This story is from 2009 but it’s new to me, and no less inspiring for being a few years old.

Have you heard of Yarness?
The next time someone describes knitting as old fashioned or grandmotherly, tell them how Yarness makes crochet NSFW (really, don’t say I didn’t warn you) with yarn harnesses. In all seriousness, Yarness is one gay craftsman’s cute, colorful and fun interpretation of leather culture, and distinctly San Francisco in flavor.

On the Needles
I’ve knit about six inches of an Elizabeth Zimmermann inspired vest that will, terrifyingly enough, require a steek and a zip. I hope to finish this before my trip to Shetland as I expect to need it there as a layer. My vest is knit in the downright delectable, American grown and spun, Imperial Yarn Columbia. It’s heaven in a skein.


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