2015 Made in the USA Gift List

This post is all about my favorites, the shops to which I return again and again. Each provides very well made, high quality, 100% Made in the USA gifts that we can feel good about having purchased. Not surprisingly, this list is heavy on U.S. sourced and spun wool, and many of the businesses are found in either the West or Midwest.

This is not a gift list targeted at knitters. If you need ideas for a fiber lover, please refer to the 2015 gift list Clara Parkes published and to a great list of fiber clubs in episode 277 from The Knitgirrrls.

I receive nothing from the businesses listed if you click on the links below.

2015 Made in the USA Gift List

In alphabetical order, by category.

Blankets, Clothing, Pajamas, Shoes and Slippers

Bedhead Pajamas – http://www.bedheadpjs.com/
Usually made of high quality European fabric, assembled in Los Angeles, CA.

Darn Tough Sockshttp://darntough.com/
Made in Vermont, these are my replacement for Smartwool.

Duckworth – http://www.duckworthco.com/
Whatever you’d normally buy at REI or similar, you can (and should) buy from this American wool company. They even have a wool Nanopuff style jacket this year.

Faribault Woolen Millhttp://www.faribaultmill.com/
Their blankets and scarves make excellent gifts, but they offer much more.

Fibershed Marketplacehttp://fibershed.bigcartel.com/

Filson – http://www.filson.com
Primarily products for men, with some — but not all — items manufactured in Seattle, WA.

I won’t lie: I practically live in Ibex these days. They have some items 100% Made in the USA, grown to sewn, and employ a transparent labeling process that indicates where each step in garment manufacture took place.

Itasca Moccasin and Leathergoodshttp://www.itascamoccasin.com/
Handcrafted in Minnesota, I may have bought a few pairs over the course of the last decade.

Lake Superior Woolen Companyhttp://www.lswoolen.com/
This family makes their blankets from the fleeces of their own sheep, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. That’s an endeavor well worth supporting. I’ve given their lap blanket for many a Christmas and wedding gift. Their color palettes are gorgeous.

Meridian Jacobshttp://www.meridianjacobs.com
Artisan and shepherd Robin Lynde weaves stunning blankets and throws that belong in the Smithsonian, but also look lovely in any home.

Myrrhia Fine Knitwearhttp://myrrhia.com/
Ethically made knitwear from Oakland, CA. Her woven patterns are stunning.

Not every item has fabric woven and assembly done in the USA, so check the label according to your values. But oh, that fabric! I know some wool producers from whom Pendleton buys directly, and this is a nice way to support them, too.

Ramblers Wayhttp://www.ramblersway.com/
I live in these shirts, too — and they are heaven when I’m shearing.

Soft Star Shoes (and slippers too!) – http://www.softstarshoes.com/
Made in Corvallis, OR. I won’t own up to how many pairs I own.

Well made, button-up shirts for women THAT FIT and don’t pull open at the button holes. No need to say more, but… new customers get $15 off their first order.

The Vermont Flannel Companyhttp://vermontflannel.com/
Very reasonably priced shirts, PJs and more. Their fitted women’s shirt is a favorite of mine.

If you’re feeling a bit randy, a little saucy, a yarn harness just might be the thing. Note that some photos on this site may be NSFW.

Everything Else

Cardigan Mountain Soapworks http://cardiganmountain.com/index.html
Their holiday and Christmas scents (Christmas in New England and Warm and Cozy by the Fire, in particular) are incredible and not overpowering. I’ve been a customer for almost 15 years and never disappointed.

Julia Turner Jewelryhttp://www.juliaturner.com/
This artist is a personal friend, but that’s not the reason why my gifts of her jewelry are always so well received.

LeClerc and Sons Potterywww.leclercandsons.com
I realize I’m partial to this, but Fran LeClerc makes POTTERY WITH SHEEP ON IT, including my favorite coffee mug. It’s absolutely wonderful and unique.

Lee Valley and Veritas Toolshttp://www.leevalley.com/
Hand tools made in the USA, and a staple in my wood shop. Woodworkers who use hand tools know the old adage is true: Buy the best tool you can afford. You won’t need another one.

Mawby – http://lmawby.com/
Sparkling wines from the beautiful soils of northern Michigan where I spent a good lot of my childhood, and where much of my heart still resides. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I live in Northern California and shear sheep that graze the vineyards of some of the most famous winemakers in the world. And this is the sparkling wine I most love to drink and gift.

Melissa Joy Manninghttps://melissajoymanning.com/
Sustainable jewelry from Berkeley, California, some at the $100-$300 price point and some far beyond.

Pewabic Potteryhttp://www.pewabic.org/
Making pottery in Detroit for 113 years, any gift from here is a treasure. I give either an ornament, vase or mug to someone nearly every year.

Transit Designhttp://www.transitdesign.com
Custom (or not) bus scrolls and posters. The owner of this business is my brother-in-law, who designed the West by Midwest logo you see here.



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  1. Jeannie

    This list rocks! I bookmarked Ramblers Way and Ibex and they’re indeed superior options to SmartWool since they are more transparent, and have better sourcing it seems.

    I came by your site via Ravelry. Is there a site where I can get more information about your visit to ImagiKnit in January?

    • anysteph

      Hi Jeannie – Thank you for your kind words! The Imagiknit website should have the class posted for registration soon, and I’ll be sure to email you and post here when they do. 🙂


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