The Clip: December 15, 2015

We are halfway through the Advent calendar and there are just 10 days until Christmas. I wish you the greatest success in completing your knit gifts and hope you’ll work in some “selfish knitting” immediately thereafter.

Sheep to Sweater: Wool 101 at ImagiKnit

I selfishly begin with shameless self promotion: You can register for my January 11 class at ImagiKnit from 7-9 PM by calling 415-621-6642. (Sorry, but there is no online registration available.) In the hands-on Sheep to Sweater: Wool 101, we’ll learn about Northern California “wool terroir,” meet the sheep breeds in our fibershed and see and touch the characteristics of their wool, learn how to assess wool quality when purchasing fleeces, discuss humane animal handling and shearing, and more. I’m tailoring the class to focus on what you most want to know about, so please submit your wool questions, comments and interests to this Ravelry thread. Thank you for your interest!

The Man Who Knits
Creative and frugal, knitter EJ Jones — The Man Who Knits — unravels sweaters and knits beautiful hats with the wool. Both EJ, his attitude and his creations are incredibly inspiring. I like his “I can use that” mindset.

Welsh Blankets, a Forgotten Textile
The Selvedge Magazine blog tells the story of Athene English and her quest to map out the heritage of Welsh blankets “from practically nothing. Where blankets and quilts in America and Canada are all archived and recorded, no such care has been taken in the past in Wales. This prompted English to personally safeguard the blankets’ histories, languages and traditions.” Take a moment to enjoy English’s fascinating and important work.

The Lendbreen Tunic
Watch the fascinating reconstruction of Norway’s oldest garment, the Lendbreen tunic. Rapid melting of glaciers has exposed ancient garments, and this is one of them.

And now I’ll let three-year-old me communicate my parting message this issue, which my dear mum reminds me of this time of year.


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