The Clip: July 26, 2016

Another shearing season is on the wane. It was as unusual as 2016 has been in other respects, of the best laid plans changing and shifting. If 2016 has a theme, it’s adaptability!

Local Wool Taster at ImagiKnit: August 15, 7-9 PM
No, I won’t ask you to eat wool. We will, however, talk shearing, get to know the rare and heirloom wool breeds in our region, and you’ll learn to class and grade wool samples just like I do in the field. My classes are always ask me anything (AMA) format, too! To register, call ImagiKnit at 415-621-6642 or email them at If there is anything special you’d like me to cover in class, you can tell me now (comment below) and I’ll be sure to address it.

Superior Farms Wine Tour
Few things please me as deeply as folks connecting soil health, holistic pasture and grazing practices, and sheep with the local lamb, wine, and wool we enjoy. And there’s a two-part blog series highlighting the hardworking people near and dear to my heart, who do this hard, constant work day in, and day out: Bonterra Vineyard, Superior Farms, and Kaos Sheep Outfit. Give it a read and consider copying Sue’s road trip for a Northern California vacation.

How Organic Farmers Harvest Sustainable Fashion
Excellent post from Zady on organic cotton farmer Jimmy Wedel, and how it’s changed his feelings about his land.

New World Record in Sheep Shearing
In case there were any doubt, I do not shear one sheep every 36 seconds… but Matt Smith does! This is a major feat. Congratulations, Matt!

Shearing Sequence from Addicted to Sheep
Last year, I was fortunate enough to see the premier of Addicted to Sheep in Edinburgh, while en route to Shetland Wool Week. When I said I was a shearer, the filmmaker told me she’d filmed a stunning shearing sequence that had to be cut. I’ve wanted to see it ever since, and now all of us can.

The Suit That Couldn’t Be Copied
I love to sew and make most of my own clothing. In my world, expert tailors and sewists sit high upon a pedestal (beside the record-breaking sheep shearers). Davide Taub is one of the former, and I was deeply, almost smugly satisfied with this story of his suit that could not be copied, even in the age of knock-offs and shortcuts. Ultimately, top-notch skill trumps all.

Congratulations, Yorkshire Shepherdess!
Amanda Owen, better known as the Yorkshire Shepherdess, has finally been able to bring her new baby home — to the best sort of place for children to be raised.

Book: The Lost Art of Dress
I’ve often wondered why home economics disappeared (for which I assign partial blame for the rise in household debt and cultural shift to consumerism), and why I prefer older sewing books with their “I know best” tone. The Lost Art of Dress is a fascinating read on this and so much more. I did not know that home economics came out of extension centers (where I learned to shear sheep), that congressmen used to campaign by sending sewing patterns to farm wives in the mail, and many other things about sewing. The Thread Cult podcast interviewed the author, which makes a great listen to accompany your knitting or sewing activity.


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