The Clip: August 29, 2014

Without further ado, here’s this week’s round-up of wool related clippings.

California Wool and Fiber Festival: September 12-14, 2014
It’s just a few weeks away and held in Mendocino County’s stunning Anderson Valley. Matt Gilbert of Mendocino Wool & Fiber will be doing sheep shearing demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday, the vendor list is top quality, and you won’t want to miss the sheep dog trials on Sunday morning.

If you’d like an excuse for a Northern California road trip, head on over to the Strawberry Music Festival in Grass Valley September 11-14 before or after the wool festival. It could use your support after being canceled last year due to the Rim Fire.

Never Before Shorn Sheep Found in Tasmania
I’m not sure how much I’d charge to shear Shaun, never shorn and found to have 44-55 lbs. of wool growing on his frame. Poor thing had trouble seeing due to the wool over his eyes. How many combs and cutters will the shearer need for this job?!

Flying Mule Farm on Scale and Profitability
I encourage you to read Dan’s latest thoughts on scale and small farm profitability, which never fail to get my neurons firing. I especially like his ideas on a local Homestead Act.

Volunteer for Black Sheep Gathering (BSG) in 2015
I felt a catch in my throat when I saw the topic “Keeping BSG Going” on a Ravelry forum this week, immediately worried  that an indescribably wonderful thing may cease to exist. If you plan to head to Eugene, OR in June 2015, consider volunteering for Black Sheep Gathering by letting the organizers know on the Ravelry forum.

My fiber friend and I took the Amtrak Coast Starlight to BSG this year. We hit our sleeper car in Oakland and awoke to mountains and mimosas just before we reached Dunsmuir, CA. There is daylight for the prettiest part of the trip and we were in Eugene, OR by lunch time the following day. This is how happy a train trip to Black Sheep Gathering will make you:

On the way to Black Sheep Gathering 2014 on the Coast Starlight

On the way to Black Sheep Gathering 2014 on the Coast Starlight

A Resurgence of Scotland’s Harris Tweed
There is happy news in the world of wool production. Scotland Now reports that Harris Tweed is “undoubtedly undergoing a revival as in the last few years output has risen from a low of 250,000 metres a year to an annual production of one million metres.”


I am now a fan girl of Derek Reid, chairman of the centuries old Carloway Mill on the Isle of Lewis. He said Scottish products “should have their own ‘Made in Scotland’ tag which reinforces all those things which we believe are important for the future, and which consumers today want to know, such as authenticity, sustainability and ethically of manufacturing.” Hear, hear!

Music from the Canote Brothers
On Sunday while driving home after working at Robin’s, I tuned in to KPFA’s Panhandle Country and the music of the Canote Brothers came into my life. Give them a listen, especially their tune Obama’s March to the Whitehouse. (The song doesn’t have any lyrics and is not political in nature. It is named in the tradition of naming songs after historic events and is a beautiful fiddle tune.)

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