The Clip: September 26, 2014

The Clip is back! I took last week off to attend a wedding in my former sweet home, Chicago, and have a screen-free weekend. I visited Windy Knitty, the best curated yarn shop I’ve ever set foot in. I picked up some Spud & Chloe sock and Titus by Baa Ram Ewe. Delicious!

This week’s theme is what the resurgence (and perhaps the reformation) of the textile industry looks like.

Detroit Garment Guild
My hometown of Detroit, MI now offers Michigan’s first industrial sewing certification program. This is important for a couple of reasons: 1) it implies that there is enough work to be had in industrial sewing that it is worth training for and 2) it means we will have more well trained people in the U.S., to provide the “skill scaffolding” that is critical to the resurgence of a domestic textile industry.Rows of industrial sewing machines on a shop floor

To Save NYC’s Garment District brings us a bittersweet story of one woman’s valiant attempt to save New York City’s famous garment district. “Advanced embroidery and embellishment skills, she fiercely believed, would strengthen the Made in America movement and empower the next generation of American factory workers.”

Patagonia Speaks Truth to Materials
I applaud Patagonia for their Truth to Materials effort and for creating and selling undyed cashmere, so much lighter on the land. This is one important step in getting us to care more about where our clothes come from.

Strawberry Thief
Game designer Sophia George has created Strawberry Thief, a video game based on the 19th century William Morris textile of the same name. Like its predecessor, this game is a mesmerizing thing of beauty.

19th century textile with birds of gold and brown besides red strawberries on a navy background

And the bride wore… wool
Even better, the wool gown came from the bride’s own flock. A spinner and dressmaker spent 67 hours making the dress. The shepherdess bride “wanted this dress to look like any other wedding dress and for people not to realise it was wool until they got close and that’s what we achieved.” 

We the Sheeple
The first time I saw this clever bit of shearing humor, I laughed so much I cried. I will think of this and laugh the next time a sheep is beating the daylights out of me!

Next Weekend: Dixon Lambtown Festival – October 4-5, 2014
Speaking of sheep and shearing, next weekend brings the 2014 Dixon Lambtown Festival. Dixon is a short drive up I-80 from the Bay Area and there will be yarn galore. I’ll be running the sheep shearing contest that takes place Saturday, October 4 at 2 PM. C’mon by, say hi!

This Weekend: Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival – September 26-28, 2014
If you’re anywhere near West Branch, MI head on over to the Ogemaw County Fairgrounds from September 26-28 for Northern MI Lamb and Wool. They’re offering a shearing school tomorrow on Friday, September 26 and it’s the perfect season for some wool appreciation and yarn and fleece shopping. You know what you’re knitting for Christmas… right?

What sweater should I knit next?
I’m looking for (another) timeless, seamless, simple, work horse of a sweater. Please provide pattern recommendations and links in the comments. Help a knit sib out!

September 22 marked the 2014 autumnal equinox. I wish you Happy Official Autumn, or rather, Happy High Knitting Season.


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