The Clip: October 9, 2014

Last week’s issue of The Clip was sacrificed to my organizing and running the Lambtown sheep shearing contest and, more importantly, to my fifth wedding anniversary. I’m the luckiest wife there is.

Dad-and-daughter shearing duo at the 2014 Lambtown Festival.

Dad-and-daughter shearing duo at the 2014 Lambtown Festival.

Happy Wool Week!
Wool Week is so popular that it now spans nine days. The site features live broadcasts, a free hat pattern from Hazel Tindall, and much more. I am determined to drag my mum up from her home in northwest England to this celebration next year, though as a knitter and felter herself I doubt she’ll need convincing.

London Cloth Company
London Cloth is based in Hackney and employs equipment dating back to the 1850s! Check out their cloth archive. I like the term “micro-mill,” which is giving me ideas about adding a loom to a little wool mill I’m familiar with someday.

Science says “Knitting is good for you.”
According to an article in the Sacramento Bee, knitting alleviates anxiety and depression, boosts creativity and is good for your joints. The results make me suspect Christmas knitting was not included in the study sample.

Fabulous Flock Photos
I’m not usually susceptible to click bait but these photos of sheep flocks are admittedly quite beautiful. If we can’t get to Wool Week in Shetland, we can at least look at these.

On the Needles
I have sweater quantities of too many yarns to justify knitting much else; the Elizabeth Zimmermann Percentage System gets me the best fit results; I hate seaming; and so I’ve started another EZ style sweater. This one is a seamless raglan with a bit of ease, knit in a simple waffle stitch with (highly recommended) undyed, dark gray Jacob yarn from Meridian Jacobs.

2014-10-09 17.30.08

I blocked my Classic “Brooks” Sweater and it turned out beautifully. Unfortunately, San Francisco has been HOT so I haven’t had a chance to try it out, but I’ll be up on the north coast next week and plan to live in it.

Until next week, pray for rain (or give thanks for rain you have) and enjoy this decorative gourd, cranberry sauce, and spiced cider time of year.


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