The Clip: October 16, 2014

I have five screen-free days ahead. The laptop is staying home, the phone is staying in a drawer, and auto publish took care of this post. This will be my first truly work-free vacation since February 2013. I won’t say exactly where I’m headed but I’ll give you a hint. And another one.

Wool Mill Update
The past week was discouraging. For a full year, Mendocino Wool & Fiber has been in conversations with the City of Ukiah Planning Department. I am stunned that, one year on, we’re held up on questions like whether a plant pot for a tree is the right size. The sense of urgency and priorities does not feel commensurate with ours. Believe me, this experience lends credence to government-is-anti-business claims. But it just makes us more determined, nay hellbent. Read it and weep, gnash your teeth.

Read Hillary’s Bee Blog
Cloth comes from the land, and the land needs bees. California native bee expert Hillary Sardiñas provides some great science writing at her blog. It goes beyond the focus on honey bees to give some well deserved attention to native bees, our unsung heroes.

Look closely and you'll see a bee butt sticking out from its nest hole in this fence post.

Look closely and you’ll see a bee butt sticking out from its nest hole in this fence post. Photo taken in Berkeley, CA.

The 118 Sweaters of Twin Peaks
As a Jr. High student, there was nothing I looked forward to more than watching Twin Peaks every week in my friend’s creepy wood paneled den. In honor of the show’s imminent return, enjoy the 118 sweaters of its stars — and reverse engineer them so we have patterns!

Declining Demand for New Zealand Wool
A story in the New York Times Business section covers New Zealand wool producers looking to lamb to make up for declines in raw wool exports. A pasture manager is quoted as saying that a similar product to wool “can be manufactured out of used Coke bottles and all sorts of stuff.” Why does the reporter fail to point out the ways in which these products are not at all like wool, and their culpability in polluting the ocean with micro-plastics? A teachable moment was lost.

Wool Symposium Tickets On Sale Now
The third annual Fibershed Wool Symposium will be held on Saturday, November 15 in Pt. Reyes Station. It’s always a thought provoking event with a terrific marketplace for local holiday (or any) shopping. Buy tickets here.

On the Needles
I’m (still) knitting away on an EZ seamless raglan sweater with a waffle knit body and flat/stockinette sleeves. Can I finish it during my five screen-free days? We’ll see, but it will be competing with hiking, writing and sleeping, so don’t bet your stitches on it.

Enjoy your weekend. Consider making it a screen-free one. Go outside and marvel.

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