The Clip: December 11, 2014

Alas, The Clip seems to have morphed into a monthly rather than weekly endeavor. My day job has taken over my life and included a business trip to Portland last week. Fortunately, a coworker and I managed to sneak out for a “coffee break” to Knit Purl where I picked up their Garland Cowl Kit. This week’s (month’s?) edition of the Clip is a varied assortment of wool wanderings but is, at least, on topic!

Zero Ho-Ho Mojo
I’ve got no Christmas knit-gift mojo this year and can’t tell you why. I love a December full of might-not-make-it-in-time swift knitting, podcasts and wine but the urge just hasn’t struck. Is it work related and year-end burn out? Seasonal gets-dark-earlier malaise? The fact that I usually don’t see hand knits I’ve given used or worn? Probably.

I’m trying, though. I’m trying to force the issue until it sticks. I’m considering making these for someone, especially since I have a red felted sweater left over from shearing slippers I made. Tiny sweater ornaments are doable by Christmas. And mittens… a pair or two of mittens seems attainable, especially since it’s fun to thrum them and I have roving.

Sussing Out Garment Provenance
Wired has an interesting article on Zady and their use of Google Maps to show garment provenance, something that I’ve found is often omitted altogether in online catalogs. A worthy effort!

The Backyard Project Hoodie is Here!
Speaking of provenance, have you gotten your North Face Backyard Project Hoodie yet? I have and can’t wait for it to arrive. It’s a laudable, 100% US made project and was almost made entirely within a 150 mile radius of the North Face headquarters in San Francisco.

P.S. I know the woman who grows the cotton that became this hoodie. You should buy one.

Free Marshmallow Cowl Pattern from Verb
The team behind Oakland’s A Verb For Keeping Warm (“Verb” to us locals) does so many phenomenal things: natural dye workshops, supporting our wool mill, making 100% locally sourced yarns… and giving us a lovely free cowl pattern just in time for Christmas gift deadlines. Enjoy!

Friday Puppy Happy Time
One of the best things about being a sheep shearer is getting to observe — and sometimes even pet — working dogs. Dogs are SO much happier when they’re working and their happiness is contagious. Well, one of my favorite wool people has a new puppy and she’ll about stop your heart with her cuteness.

On and Off the Needles
After a couple of rip-backs, the Waffle Stitch Raglan is finished, blocking and drying more slowly than usual thanks to our desperately needed Bay Area rain. Husband Sweater 2.0 is on the needles, but — it being my fourth sweater in a row — I feel like I need a quick-win project before getting down to it. Maybe some mittens?

Closest-Thing-to-Cranberry-Salad Smoothie
I love this time of year because my beloved cranberries are so abundant. I have no problem going through a bag of them every two days. I have recently improved my cranberry delivery with this smoothie. Add the following to your blender in the order given below. Enjoy!

  • One cup apple juice (I juice my old apples to get this but, as Ina Garten might say, store bought apple juice will do.)
  • Big old chunk of peeled, fresh ginger (You may want less. I like my ginger to the point of burning.)
  • One fresh orange, added to the blender in halves or quarters.
  • One cup frozen cranberries
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup fresh or frozen pineapple (optional), if you really want that 1970s cranberry salad feel)
  • Dash of maple syrup to sweeten if too tart (optional).

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