A Craftsperson’s Resolve

While longhand scratching my 2015 resolutions, I realized they were taking the form of a poem or perhaps even a prayer, and that these general principles well covered my specific resolutions. I decided to go where it took me, my lack of formal religious practice notwithstanding.

This year, may I deepen my knowledge of craft.
May I dedicate a little time every day to
making something good, if only a little piece of it.
May I choose my chosen vocations over distraction.
If I can do, I must do.

May I neither create nor acquire anything that is not, always,
both beautiful and useful.
May I strive to create less trash in my daily living,
sincerely and especially when inconvenient.
If I can do, I must do.

May I deeply value that which I already have, and
may I express that value by
reading the books already upon my shelf,
not buying that which is not truly needed,
making do and mending,
and striving to embody a consistent (but not unreasonable) spirit of parsimony and frugality.

May I remember that the best things in life aren’t things.

May I continue to live my beliefs through action, and
to put my money where my mouth is.

If I can do, I must do.

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