The Clip: January 27, 2015

It’s another dry January, not in the “I gave up alcohol” sense but in the literal, drought sense. There is no sign of El Niño, and all I can think to say are a few words I recollect from Catholic school days: “Grant us rain, in due abundance.”

I wear Red Ants Pants.
The question I’m asked most often is not “Why did you learn to shear?” but “Where’d you get your pants?!”I wear Red Ants Pants. I’ve had mine for more than five years and they still look brand new. They are beautifully Made in Montana. Money well spent!


This is the best available view of my Red Ants Pants, but they’re in most photos of me shearing.

Speaking of Made in USA…
I can’t think of a better use for reality TV than reality for most of the world. Ecouterre reports on a reality show that sent fashion bloggers to work in sweatshops. Though you can probably guess the outcome, it’s worth reading.

Check out the Woolful podcast if you haven’t already. It’s one of my favorites and exactly what I was looking for when seeking a new fiber podcast.

Fleece in Your Food
The delicious Great Lakes trout and perch I grew up catching, cleaning and frying are ingesting plastics from synthetic fabrics. Every one of 18 species sampled showed some plastic and the majority of this was fibers.

Shepherd’s Dream in Shasta
Congratulations to Shepherd’s Dream, which has opened a new store in stunning Mt. Shasta. We love our felted wool mattress pad from them, and I noticed they have a sale going through Feb. 2, 2015.

Vintage Pictures of Sheep Shearing
Large shearing clips look much the same today as they did decades ago, though so much else about the industry has changed.

High Hopes for Hemp
A bill from U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Garrison (Kentucky) would remove hemp from the federal list of banned plants. It has the support of U.S. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and nearly 50 co-sponsors. Or, to turn a Rep. Massie phrase, “rope, not dope.”

Imperial Ranch Fashion
From providing wool to Ralph Lauren for the U.S. Olympic sweaters to this project, Imperial Ranch is bringing more U.S. wool to fashion (and they make yarn I love, besides). Read this story to learn more about the ranching woman behind the work.

Winter Wool Insulation
Snow and cold temperatures have settled in across much of the world, and both tend to bring awareness of home insulation to mind. While I wish this wool insulation were using U.S. wool, it’s still a huge improvement over chemical-laden insulation and a great product to consider.

Umatilla Wool Video
I like this video from Pendleton on the link between environment, sheep breeds, family history and your final fashion product.

On the Needles
I’ve finished the body of a sweater for my darling dearest husband and will cast on for the first sleeve today.

I’m excited to start the Twisted Circles shawl (a free pattern!) next, which will be a gift and knit up in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Cranberry. I may be transitioning from a sweater phase to a shawl phase, as I’ve also got my eye on the Pop Spots shawl for myself. I have a lot of local, undyed yarn that would look just lovely together in Pop Spots.

Knit on through winter. The wool abides!



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