The Clip: April 22, 2015

Shearing season is in full swing and busier by the day! I am already scheduled through mid May. Be sure to schedule your shearing soon, before our wool-bearing friends become uncomfortably warm this summer.

Craft Deadlines for California State Fair
April 29 is the craft entry deadline for the California State Fair, which means you’ve got one week left to register and submit your entry online. The projects themselves must be received by mail or dropped off in person by May 15. Follow the instructions in the California Crafts Competition Handbook and give me some healthy competition!

Gray crescent shaped shawl with rows of color spots in white, tan, and bright orange.

Drought Prayer Shawl, my entry for the 2015 California State Fair. Knit with Twirl yarn by Mary Pettis Sarley.

First Ouessant Lamb Born in CA
Great news! The first Ouessant lamb born in California arrived on April 7 at Heartfelt Fiber Farm in Santa Rosa. Welcome to the world, baby Stella.

Mellow Pastimes Are Good For You, Too
While vigorous exercise (like sheep shearing!) is good for you, mellow pastimes are too. I can only assume that knitting and spinning qualify as mellow. Interestingly, the positive benefits of leisure activities appeared to persist for hours after they ended. Do you think this means we can use Flexible Savings Account (FSA) funds for yarn purchases, or that spinning wheel purchases count towards our annual deductibles?

Gwlana by Brenda Dayne
Brenda Dayne, of Cast On podcast fame, has launched Gwlana, a series of knitting retreats curated and produced by Brenda herself. The first of these retreats will take place from May 15-18 in Wales. More information is available here.

Why should cancer make me want to knit?
The gift of yarn from one cancer patient to another led to this thought provoking essay. It’s amazing how much a little yarn can spin up.

PETA Wool Ads Fake
PETA’s anti-wool ads always struck me as suspect because they made claims that were beyond recognition to me. It turns out that PETA’s ads use completely fabricated images and foam animal props. My guess is that PETA couldn’t find a real sheep treated this way. I’ve certainly never seen one. No matter your motives, deception shouldn’t be one of your methods.

On the Needles and the Wheel
I finished the Drought Prayer Shawl, as shown above, and I’ve been practicing wheel spinning on a rented Sidekick, which I just love. Tonight I plan to cast on for a Quick Slip Cowl made of this irresistible handspun:


Two skeins of yarn white, beige, blue and gray

Knit Fast, Die Young yarn by Spincycle Yarns in the Paper Planes colorway

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  1. Deb Bykowski

    Wow. The Pop Spots shawl really turn out lovely. Good luck with the Fair entry!


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